We take pride in helping our clients reach their marketing goals through video production & photography services.


Don’t have an idea? Don’t worry – we’re used to starting with a blank canvas. We are full of ideas, so we can write your script and even provide a storyboard. Our unique approach will help get things rolling!


We craft in HD or 4K – whatever tickles your fancy – all while under a deadline. Plus, we’ve got the 2D and 3D visual doo-dads to blend and fuse dynamic content for broadcast, web, social media, and mobile. We can even animate your logo if your heart desires.


Image is everything. And It starts with quality photography that highlights your services, your team, and every single detail of your products.

Breathtaking lifestyle photography? Check. Stunning corporate headshots? Check. Dramatic on-location shots? Check. Sizzling product shots? Check!


There’s nothing harder than filming moving objects – especially fast ones! But when our vehicle-mounted camera stabilization mount (a.k.a. stableoid) is on the shoot, even the bumpiest conditions won’t stop us from delivering smooth and stable shots of cars, motorcycles and even boats! If it moves, we can film it!


Phenomenal cosmic powers…in an itty bitty box.
dphilms can now live stream to Facebook or Youtube from just about anywhere. If there’s an internet connection, our Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro Switcher can make it happen. With all the COVID-19 concerns, this is a valuable service for corporate meetings and events, employee training and virtual learning, and even non-profit fundraisers.


Nothing beats a smooth production experience. We can manage every aspect of your project: concept development, script writing, location scouting, talent, music, voice over, props, custom sets, and make-up artists – it’s all in a day’s work!


In-studio or on-location, we can film or photograph anytime, anywhere, and in any condition. Just give us the details, then let us handle the rest. Need a controlled environment? Our studio can be configured with custom sets or large green screens.


We’re known for our masterful skills and cinematic imagery with our 30ft. Triangle Jimmy-Jib with Dutch roll head. Your shots will be even more epic with this bad-boy, so it’s perfect for concerts, sporting, and live events and product shoots. Plus, we travel! So give us a buzz and we’ll hook you up with our jib master!


We’ve seen it all and can handle pretty much anything you throw our way. From a large scale agency production with multiple locations, a variety of talent, and multiple distribution streams, to a simple script with a voice over and photos, our staff will bend over backwards (and even do a few cartwheels) to make your project run smoothly while keeping you on track and within budget.



When your crew can’t be there, we get it done for you.

Confidence and attention to detail ensures a smooth and efficient shoot. Our crews can be big or small – just choose the positions you need:

  • Director of Photography
  • Executive Producer
  • Jib Operator
  • Camera Operator
  • Audio Engineer 
  • Production Assistant
  • Gaffer
  • Photographer
  • Grip
  • Teleprompter Operator
  • Make-up Artist
  • Location Scouting


Here’s a short list of the many things in our video production & photography toolbox.
Don’t see what you need? We can get it.

ENG Broadcast Package
  • Panasonic HPX2000 P2 720/1080 HD camera
  • Vinten tripod
  • Sennheiser wireless mics
  • Zoom F8 field mixer/recorder
  • Optional LIveU uplink service, other accessories, and/or lighting packages available on request
Cinema-style Camera Package
  • Sony FS7MII, Sony A7SII, Sony A7RIII, & Sony FS700 with up to 240 FPS
  • 14/35/50/85mm cinema primes + 18-55mm & 50-135mm cinema zooms
  • Atomos Shogun Flame w/HD & 4k Raw/ProRes/DNxHR
  • 3-channel wireless FIZ
  • DJI Ronin
Audio Kit
  • Sennheiser shotgun mic & wireless lav mics
  • Sony, Tram, & Sennheiser wired lav mics
  • Zoom F8 field mixer/recorder
Vehicle Stabilization Rig
  • 3-axis stabilizer with additional vibration mount
  • Ronin & Movi mounts
  • Mounting kit fits most cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, snow mobiles, & ATVs
  • All gear in flight cases
  • Available with or without gimble
Triangle Jimmy-Jib
  • Up to 30’ arm
  • Dutch roll head
  • Canon & Fuji lens gears
  • Remote head operation
  • Triax, composite, & component cabling
  • AC/DC operation
  • All gear in flight cases
Grip & Lighting Kit
  • Quartz, fluorescent & LED lighting kits
  • Chimera softbox
  • Dimmer paks
  • Doorway dolly
  • (8) C-stands w/grip arms
  • Flags, scrims & silks
  • 6’ x 6’ overhead w/stands
  • (2) 48” x 48” reflectors
  • Gels & diffusion
  • Misc. grips & mounts
Additional Items
  • 12′ telescoping mic boom pole with blimp + wind cover
  • Edelkrone slider + accessories
  • (2) 12 x 12 portable green screens
  • 15” LCD Teleprompter
  • Fog Machine

Still not sure if you should give us a whirl? Then check out our work. It speaks for itself!

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