It wasn’t just about “the girls”, it was about getting them the right attention. Here’s how everyday objects solved breast health awareness.

“Boobs,” “Ta-Tas,” or “The Girls” – almost everyone has a fun name for them. So, why don’t we give them the attention they need? How do you remind someone to schedule their annual check-up? How do we talk about something that seems taboo and unmentionable? These are just a few of the many questions Genesis Health System posed to us in a creative meeting late last year.

What if it was so memorable you couldn’t unsee it?

Spots about early detection and prevention are a dime-a-dozen. They have been saying the same old thing for years and are laden with testimonials of patients and medical professionals. Most of which, aren’t resonating with modern audiences anymore. You can’t just keep saying the same old thing day in and day out and expect to get new results. In fact, the exact opposite happens: you get tuned out, and no results. So, what if you could break away from the traditional and create an everyday reminder, without even saying a word? How could we make it so memorable it would stand out against the other spots during its Super Bowl debut? Better yet, what if it was so memorable you couldn’t unsee it?

Keep it classy, yet humorous.

Our team quickly went to work conceptualizing and storyboarding ideas! After all, there was no pressure – it was just a Superbowl ad (ha ha). So, using classic object associations, and some creative new spins, dphilms created “Reminders Everywhere”. This fresh and humorous spot took cues from classic names – such as melons, headlights, and pillows – and paired (no pun intended) them with new takes on everyday objects. Kegs, front-loading washing machines, and donuts were incorporated to keep things interesting and fun. This way, things could stay classy by associating everyday objects and burning those images into people’s brains so that reminders were…literally…everywhere!

Breast health is universal. It does not discriminate. This was an extremely important aspect both we, and the client, wanted to showcase. Since the concept was extremely modular, this gave us a big advantage because we could easily feature different types of women’s hands – both in age and ethnicity – in any scene we needed!

To the end zone!

The spot aired during the first local break of the first quarter of Super Bowl LIV to a very large and engaged audience. The reactions were extremely favorable, and it kept awareness of breast health top-of-mind. Goal = achieved.

In fact, the spot was so well received that it was the winner of a prestigious Gold Award from the 2020 Aster Awards! These awards recognize excellence among the nation in healthcare advertising. Go, team! This was definitely a big win for Genesis, and dphilms too!


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